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truffle seedling and tester of ground PHmètre

Planting a truffle and truffle plants requires an analysis of the ground. We offer a PH tester to determine the nature of your soil, correct if necessary by amendments calcium and magnesium in the case of low pH to enrich or suffers a calcareous soil too. 

Truffle plants: Oaks trufiers 

Nous vendons des plants truffiers certifiés INRA , mycorhizés par la truffe (Tuber melanosporum, truffe noire ou uncinatum, truffe de bourgogne) de différentes essences :  chêne pubescent, chêne vert ou noisetier commun produits et commercialisés selon un procédé sous contrôle et licence INRA.

Tester of ground, PH

The composition of the ground, the structure and the texture of the earth(ground) condition(package) the growth of vegetables and trees which you plant. The nature of the ground is determined in particular by the PH...

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