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The composition of the ground, the structure and the texture of the earth(ground) condition(package) the growth of vegetables and trees which you plant. The nature of the ground is determined in particular by the PH.
The pH, or " potential Hydrogenate ", indicates one degree of acidity (from 0 to 6,5) or of alkalinity (of 7,5 in 14) of a solution. A PH of 7 indicates A neutral ground, rich in microorganisms..
So, any plant, any tree lives in a ground with a specific PH: an acid ground in the PH situated between 4,5 and 6 for the (acidophilic) heather; a fresh(cool), airy and calcareous ground of PH situated between 6 and 7 for the hazel tree ( calcicole )..
  We thus propose you a tester of PH to determine the nature of your ground, correct him(it) if need by amendments in calcium and magnesium in case of low(weak) PH to enrich him(it) or suffers from it for a too calcareous ground.

Tester of PH, humidity and period of sunshine

testeur sol PH mètreThis tester can measure the pH of your soil, humidity, amount of sunshine at the foliage in your planting truffle or your houseplants.

How to use it?
Simply insert the tester PH meter. in the ground, set the switch on what you want to measure and read the result.

* 3 in 1 Soil pH-, moisture and light
* Suitable for all types of soil
* No battery or batteries
* Probe length: 21cm (8 ")

* To avoid damage to the electrodes, clean the electrode after each use
* Do not use in soil with stones and insert forcibly

Weight without package Shipping: 0.89 gr

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