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collar and system not to run away “Canifugue pro”

Special difficult dogs for small and large ground
Reliable and effective, 2 years guarantee, the fence anti running away makes it possible to maintain your dogs, with complete freedom, in a perimeter which you define.
You delimit the space of freedom of your dog by installing a wire of antenna, around the authorized perimeter. This wire is traversed by a radio signal coming from a transmitting case.
Characteristics of the fence:
  • wire cross-section to be used according to the length of the installation:
  • 0.75 mm ² up to 800 m of wire
  • 2.5 mm ² between 800 m and 2,000 m of wire
  • the wire is posed on the ground, is buried or air on an existing fence. So that the system functions, the wire must form an uninterrupted loop which leaves the transmitting case and returns there.
  • system made safe by 3 integrated safety devices:
indicator of rupture of the wire of antennaevacuation of the sound zone of warningevacuation of the zone of stimulationTransmitting case:
  • dimensions: 134 X 84 X25 mm
  • food: on sector (220 V CA)
Characteristics of the Collar anti-runs away canifugue pro:
  • For each collar, 8 levels of stimulations are available, thus enabling you as well as possible to adapt the intensity of stimulations to your dog (gauge, sensitivity, character)
  • Adjustments simplified thanks to screen LCD on the transmitting case
  • weight: 60 G (case + battery)
  • dimensions: 76 X 35 X 35 mm
  • food: integrated refillable battery
  • strap washable polyurethane: length 68 cm - adjustable with the neck from 20 to approximately 50 cm
  • collar seals with the immersion
  • autonomy collar: approximately a week
  • refillable collar and indicator of battery collar discharged: luminous witness on the collar
  • Selector on the transmitting case to adapt the system to small and the large grounds
  • The number of receiving collars for the same transmitting case is unlimited: you can keep in safety dogs as many as wish it to you in the same perimeter

How works the fence(close)?

You bound the space of freedom of your dog by installing(settling) a thread, called thread of antenna(office), around the authorized perimeter(scope). This thread is crossed(gone through) by a radio signal resulting from a broadcasting(issuing) case. When your dog, equipped with a receiving necklace, approaches the thread of antenna(office), it is warned(prevented) by sound warnings that there is too much a zone which is forbidden him(her). If he(it) continues to approach the thread, the necklace emits(utters) electrostatic stimulations besides the sound warnings. Your dog has to go away from the thread and return in the zone authorized to make stop the sound warnings and the electrostatic stimulations.

The parcel contains

By opening the package, you will find: - 1 collier anti-fugue CANIFUGUE equipped with electrodes short and of a strap nylon - 1 lithium battery 3 Volt CR 2 to the Collier - 1 enclosure transmitter and its power supply - 1 reel 100 meters from antenna wire 0.75 mm2 - 1 lot 3 connectors of liaison antenna wire - 1 link connector transmitter housing - 1 batch of 10 pennants - 1 set of 2 electrodes long - 1 neon lamp test - 1 user guide - 1 CD-Rom (advice)

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