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Very simple to use, reliable, effective and guaranteed 2 years, necklaces with télécomande at a distance(remotely) Easy dog, Canicom 200first, Expert 600 are specially designed to Fight against the bad habits of your dog or to call back it at a distance(remotely). The set(group) anti-runs away CANIFUGUE is a modern and effective system allowing to maintain one or several dogs in a perimeter(scope) that you define The radars of location(localization) Navidog and Contact pro are specially designed to spot(locate) and find your dogs equipped with the necklace emetteur and its master(teacher) of a recepteur.


Collar of education raising “Canicom 200 first”
132,50 €

necklace canicom 200 first
121,50 €

necklace  numaxes
29,50 €

Operate by remote control Canicom 200 first
68,50 €

collar and system not to run away “Canifugue"
147,25 €

collar and system not to run away “Canifugue pro”
79,90 €

collar and system not to run away “Canifugue pro”
29,50 €

collar and system not to run away “Canifugue pro”
181,25 €

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