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the lagotto romagnolo

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Knowing that the wild boar is greedy truffles, one used the truffle pig named to find truffles of Burgundy or in Périgord. Today the truffle dog replaced the pig in the research of truffles or excavation. The dog with truffle or truffle dog, locates truffles thanks to its sense of smell as well as the pig and does not eat them. The truffle dog, some is the race of dog, must be educated and drawn up. The research of truffle is a canine raising and not an instinct as hunting. All occurs in complicity dog handler.
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A race of truffle dog: the lagotto romagnolo, dog has truffle

Lagotto Romagnolo is the dog's water past the ancient Italian origin. Its name comes from its original water dog in the Romagna region (in the dialect of Romagna, "Can Lagot" is synonymous with "water dog" or "dog hunting in the marsh and rough curly hair ").
Present for several centuries, the Roman and medieval, the Lagotto spread throughout the Italian peninsula, especially in wetlands and marshes of northern Italy in the region Romagna through the marshes of Venice and Comacchio (little Venice in the region Emilia Romagna, the eastern part of the Po Valley, between Ferrara and the Adriatic Sea). At the end of the nineteenth century, the Lagotto accompanied the "lagotti" or "vallalori" men of the marshes. With a dense coat and waterproof, it was used as a water dog for hunting parties in these marshes rich in wildlife and birds. These men also had swamp another activity: the search for truffles so little known and abundant.
Remediation over several decades has reduced the vast marshes of Comacchio and Romagna, have virtually disappear "Vallaroli" and our dog gradually lost its function as a water dog and became a researcher truffle.
The Lagotto Romagnolo nose end is a truffle dog. Thanks to its tight curly hair, the Lagotto can find truffles in autumn and winter on any terrain especially in the woods. His instinct to hunt is lost, so he is not distracted by the scent of game.
Dog rustic medium to small, well proportioned, dense and curly-haired, woolly texture (which requires little maintenance), the Lagotto has many qualities. It is a good companion dog because he is very affectionate, docile, sociable. Attached to his master, alert, lively and playful, it is easy to train .. and able to give the alarm.
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Lagotto Romagnolo with the fine nose is a truffle dog. Thanks to its very tight buckled hair, Lagotto can seek truffle, in autumn and winter on any ground especially in wood. Its instinct towards hunting was lost, so that it is not distracted by the odor from game. Rustic dog of mean size to small, proportioned well, with the dense and curly hair, of woolly texture (which requires a little maintenance), the lagotto has many qualities. It is a good dog of company because it is very affectionate, flexible, sociable. Attached to its Master, waked up, sharp and player, it is easy with é able to give alarm.
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In France, The Club of the Barbet spaniel, Lagotto and other dogs of water, is the only official club, affiliated with the SCC (Canine Central Company), to have in load, the management of the races of water dogs: Barbet spaniel (France), Lagotto Romagnolo (Italy), Perro de Agua Spanish (Spain), Cao de Agua Portugues (Portugal), Wetterhoun (Netherlands) and Américan Watter Spaniel (USA) in France and ensure the safeguard of these races.
These responsibilities were entrusted to him by the Canine Central Company which recognizes one Club or Association by race.
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