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We propose the collar unit to you and leaves out of leather matched in the range “truffle”, “truffle prestige”, “prestige” and this, at a very interesting price.
You choose the color of the collar and of leaves and its recall.
The snap hook is out of massive brass. We propose also a plated snap hook to you gold.
For any ordering and purchase of collar, then do not forget to fill the purchase order because we need information to offer a collar adjusted well to you to your dog (race, size and turn of the neck).

“Truffle” bent hand together: collar and leaves with recall
88,88 €  101,00 €

Together “truffle prestige”: collar and leaves with recall
105,30 €  117,00 €

Collar unit, leaves “prestige” leather printed streaks...
105,34 €  114,50 €

necklace, collar "prestige" with sheet of ostrich leg
105,20 €  118,00 €

necklace, collar "prestige" with sheet of ostrich leg
105,27 €  121,00 €

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