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To order a personalized necklace

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For orders and custom project, we need information.

The width of the ring depends on the size of your dog:
For a small dog breed Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Bichon, Jack Russel etc ... the width of the collars from 1.6 to 2 cm
For a dog Lagotto Romagnolo breed average, French Bulldog, Sharpei, Labrador, Dalmatian etc ... the width of necklaces: 2.5 to 4 cm

The neck of your dog in cm:
For a properly fitted collar to your dog, it is essential to accurately measure its neck. (Warning! All evil actions performed by the customer, the collar will not be refunded or exchanged.)
To do this, you use a tape measure. Wrap the neck of your dog with the meter, shaking slightly and lift measurement in cm
The first hole of the clamp leave this extent, then the following will be added.
breed of your dog*
size of the dog* SMALL
breed of your dog*
name or word hammering
color of necklace
color of leash
ref. of the collar unit +laisse
First name*
Zip code*

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