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Planète truffes with your service!

Nested in a small village north of Burgundy, Philippe and Veronique, impassioned truffle and truffle dog, created an artisanal small company “Planète truffes” (planet truffles) in order to make you divide all to know to them and know-how.

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Catalogue 2012

fleur de sel a la truffe
Pour les gourmets, nous proposons des produits culinaires à la truffe ou arôme truffe  afin d'agrémenter vos plats et d'y apporter une nouvelle saveur : 100 Gr de fleur de sel de Guérande à la truffe, 500 ml huile de tournesol arôme truffe à 17€, 500 ml d'huile d'olive arôme truffe, 500 ml de vinaigre balsamique à la truffe,  200G  moutarde à la truffe.

Profitez  de nos paniers gourmands :
  • Un panier de 4 de nos  produits à la truffe  : un pot de  de fleur de sel de Guérande à la truffe, une huile d'olive ou de tournesol aromatisée à la truffe (500 ml) , un vinaigre balsamique à la truffe (500 ml) , un pot  de moutarde à la truffe, le tout pour 45,86€ ;
  •   Un panier de 5 produits contenant en plus une brosse à truffes pour 55,60€.
Découvrez des ustensiles de cuisine pratiques et utiles comme la  mandoline ou "coupe truffes" permettant de créer de fines lamelles de truffes enrichissant vos plats.

Notre produit préféré est  la brosse à truffe et légumes. Très douce, au design original, elle ressemble à s'y méprendre à une truffe noire. Profitez de son prix doux : 14.50 €!  Elle surprendra vos invités.
specialities truffle
 étui pic à truffes
We propose a range of peak with truffles, “Picadou”, “Mortise axe”, or “Ice axe” with truffles create artisanalement out of wrought iron with a handle out of wooden of olive-tree, oak, dogwood… .Discover our innovations born of a neat artisanal work, a range of cases out of leather of buffalo (in limited edition) or out of classical leather to carry and protect your peak with truffle and a bent truffle purse hand.
pic à truffes , bourse, brosse
collier dressage
Produced by num' axes, very simple to use, reliable and effective, guaranteed 2 years, the collars, collar of raising, anti collar runs away, electric collar with remote remote control Easy dog, collar Canicom 200 first, Expert 600 are especially designed To fight against the bad habits of your dog to modify his behavior or to point out it remotely 
to draw up to locate
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Our collars and our leashes are carried out and bent entirely with the hand, with a wire of excellent quality.
It is an artisanal work of exception according to a method, tools and gestures old which ensures you an optimal quality. We propose various leathers to you: - classical leather - exotic leathers of luxury: crocodile, leg of ostrich, cowhide, calfskin of mountain, printed cowhide zebra, giraffe, Scot, cow.
We have a range of colors for the collar, the plate, leaves it and its recall
necklace, leash
plant truffier
A range of truffle seedling, truffle tree certified INRA, mycorhizé by truffle (To tube melanosporum, black truffle or uncinatum, truffle of Burgundy) of various petrols: pubescent truffle oak, green truffle oak or common truffle hazel tree… etc produced and marketed according to a controlled process and licence INRA.
Truffle plants: Oaks trufiers 
testeur de sol
Truffle requires limestone, or at least rich in calcium and alkaline (pH optimum between 7.5 and 8.5 with at least 8% of total limestone). To determine if your soil is rich in limestone, planet truffles offers its tester PH meter.

With 3 functions, it allows to measure the moisture content of the soil ph and light environment of your plants.

Easy to use, no batteries or battery, simply insert the tester PH meter into the soil, set the switch to the setting you want to measure the scale and read the indicator.

This tester is also suitable for your plants and trees in your home.
Tester of ground, PH
To discover, to understand, learn how to cultivate truffle, to install truffle, truffle growing, our bookshop proposes serious books to you.
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